Corporate & Management Training

The diameter of success and growth of every candidate expands vis-a-vis corporate learning and its in depth understanding of corporate functioning. Every bit of information on corporate management is very critical in the success of very candidate. Manpower is the key to grow and Corporate Management and Training is the by product of Manpower solution. We at NPS offer multifaceted session on corporate management and training for all spheres of management and departments. We believe in partnering our clients in talent sourcing with management and training and can handle all Top, Senior and Middle management and training across industries / functions / locations.


- Employee Training in fields of:
Employee Relations
Human Resource
Leadership & Supervisory
Safety & Emergency
Ethics & Harassment
Policies & Procedures
Customer Service
Brand /Sales/Product/Compliance/New Hire
- Stress Managemen
Team Building Workshops
Skill Development Programme
Time Management & Planning
Finance Training (including MS Office workshops)
Training on Legal/Compliance Issues|