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Talent Acquisition

It means a view of not only filling positions, but also utilization of the candidates and their skills that come out of a rigorous recruiting process as a means to fill similar positions in the future also.

Manpower Outsourcing

We screen every candidate through extensive assessment and recruitment procedures. Every recruiter is dedicated and thoroughly trained to deliver quality services within specified TAT.

Payroll Processing

Payroll is an indispensable function for any organization. It demands specialization and a clear understanding of applicable laws in systematic processing of the employees payroll.

Corporate & Management Training

Manpower is the key to grow and Corporate Management and Training is the by product of Manpower solution. We at NPS offer multifaceted session on corporate management and training for all spheres of management and departments.

HR Consultancy

Help organizations to improve efficiency, productivity, communication & employee morale. Identifying the non-value adding activities and eliminate the hidden HR operations costs and moreover we will help you develop HR best practices to streamline your business.

Virtual HR

We at NPS give our employee a chance to connect directly with our HR system. This system commonly allows the HR department to automate many common tasks. Such as system looks after Induction, training, administration, Appraisals etc.

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