Payroll Processing

Payroll is an indispensable function for any organization. It demands specialization and a clear understanding of applicable laws in systematic processing of the employees payroll.
This helps to foster trust and confidentiality. Cost savings for the company outsourcing payroll processing are extremely significant and can go upto 50% at times.

Payroll outsourcing involves employing an outside agency to do the routine work of managing salary, its calculation and payment, along with other related functions


- Payroll processing:
- Compilation of Employee / Salary details
- Computation of Salary
- Keeping Record of Attendance and Leave, Overtime, Loans and Advances granted to Employees, Answering queries, Reimbursements
- Calculation of Bonus, Arrears, Leave Encashment, and other payment
- Statutory Reports such as PF, ESIC, TDS and Profession Tax
- PF Register, PF Form No 12A, 5, 10, 3A, 6A, Challan and Reconciliation Statements
- Collecting Investment proofs from Employees
- Income Tax Computation, Generation of Form 16, 12BA and Online Challan
- TDS on Salaries with Quarterly statement
- Adherence to statutory compliance in relation to payroll services
- Assistance in tax related issues


Lower risk: The entire payroll process is automated and therefore, the risk of error is significantly reduced. The function is monitored by team of Chartered Accountants and Legal experts

Great convenience: You can effectively manage and track your payroll from anywhere and at any time of the day. You will be working with a dedicated members of our team. This helps in tracking of payroll on a regular basis.

Reliable service support:Our tax specialist is ready to answer questions and helps in solving problems 24×7.

Great efficiency through integration:When you partner with us for Payroll Services, you benefit from the speed and simplicity that comes your way by using a single provider. We are competent enough to connect your payroll functions with other pivotal areas, like attendance solutions, HR management, etc.

Peace of mind: By outsourcing the payroll service, business owners can relax because the payroll is being effectively processed accurately in line with prevailing legislation. Avoiding all nasty problems, like incorrect payments to staff, penalties, a fully outsourced service offers complete peace of mind by ensuring that your pivotal business functions are well taken care of and your company is also legislation compliant.